Whatever your equipment needs, HKAD CO. has you covered. We offer the widest selection of heavy machinery for sale you’ll find anywhere. Choose from a complete line of quality reliable used heavy construction equipment. Either way, you will find construction machinery for sale that can meet your specific application and fit into any budget.

HKAD CO. has an extensive inventory of used heavy construction machinery for sale

Motor Grader
1994 Galion 830 Motor Grader1994Galion830
1995 KOMATSU GD830 MOTOR GRADER1995KomatsuGD830
1996 Galion 850 Motor Grader1996Galion850
1996 Komatsu GD650AW-2CY Motor Grader1996KomatsuGD650AW-2CY
1997 Galion 830B Motor Grader1997Galion830B
1998 Komatsu GD530A Motor Grader1998KomatsuGD530A
1990 Dresser 850 Motor Grader1990Dresser 850
1999 Galion 870 Motor Grader1999Galion870
1997 Galion 850B Motor Grader1997Galion850B
2000 Galion 850C Motor Grader2000Galion850C
2003 Galion 850C Motor Grader2003Galion850C